Two New Thursday Shows: One Hit One Miss

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screencap of Mercedes Masöhn of The Finder
The Finder’s Mercedes Masöhn looking good with a gun

Got to check out the premiere of two new show making their debut on Thursday night. “The Finder” is a spin-off of “Bones” on FOX and “Rob” is a 22 minute sitcom from comedian Rob Schneider on the CBS network. While I really liked the start of “The Finder”, “Rob” just wasn’t funny to me. If you want to find a new show to watch in the 2nd half of the 2011-2012 TV season trust “The Finder”.

“The Finder” stars Geoff Stults as the title character whose “real name” is Walter Sherman. He was in the army but due to a battle related head injury he was forced out. It is believed that his eccentric behavior is a result of that injury.

image of Michael Clarke Duncan, Geoff Stults, and the client
Michael Clarke Duncan, Geoff Stults, and the client

Michael Clarke Duncan plays Leo Knox, Walter’s partner and at times body guard. Maddie Hasson plays Willa Monday, a juvenile delinquent that Walter and Leo look after. In the first episode we find out that she is a Traveler trying to get back with her family. Mercedes Masöhn plays US Marshal Isabel Zambada, who reluctantly helps out Walter in his quests. She is also the love interest.

The show started as an episode of the show “Bones”. In that “backdoor pilot”, “The Finder” had 3 characters. It included Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan but also included Saffron Burrows. I was greatly disappointed when she wasn’t on the show when it went to series. That happens sometimes. NCIS changed somewhat between it’s backdoor pilot on JAG and when it went to series.

Overall I think the show got off to a good start. The first case-of-the-week was interesting. I see the “Bones” template with a civilian paired with a Federal agent and they are interested in each other. The plot though seemed tied up too neatly. I dislike mysteries being solved by pulling something out of thin air. I hope that the rest of the shows don’t do that or I might stop watching.

Mercedes Masöhn’s US Marshal character seems interesting. I was intrigued that the actress is Swedish. I don’t know too many dark haired Swedes. Also I like the Traveler aspect of Willa’s character. That could be some good fodder for future stories.

I also will like to see future episodes where we might get more back story on Walter and how he got the way is.

If you are looking for a new show for the rest of the season, check out “The Finder”

image of Claudia Bassols and Rob Schneider on Rob
What did Rob do to get her???


CBS has “Rob” from comedian Rob Schneider, is a sitcom about a middle aged man played by Schneider who marries a much younger Hispanic woman. He then meets her extended family.

The show just didn’t do it for me. It seemed to obvious and leaned on cheap stereotypical jokes. I tried. I watched the pilot twice and I laughed maybe twice. I know I’m suppose to suspend my disbelief but Schneider being married to a woman much younger and taller than him is too outlandish for me to believe. It would be like if Leonard on Big Bang Theory being married to Penny.

The only bright spot was the character Hector, Maggie’s uncle, played by Eugenio Derbez. He had some funny lines. He was even funnier than Cheech Marin who I thought seemed like he was just going through the motions.

Pass on this show. But I have been wrong before. I reviewed and panned “Too Close for Comfort” in my middle school newspaper and it ran for seven seasons.

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