TV Sweeps Makes Local Newscast Breathlessly Overhype The Mundane

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Clip art of a TV setNovember is a sweeps month in the TV world. This is one of the four times during the year when local stations have their advertising rates set. They pull out all the stops to increase viewership. My local station tried to create a major case about a Teacher, accused of having sex with a student, returning to work after making bail. Due process doesn’t lend itself to “if it bleeds it leads..” journalism.

Local News Sensationalizes The Mundane For Sweeps

In the video the headline is worded and spoken as something serious that parents in the area must know. It’s the tone of the anchor and the wording that bothered me.

Plus why this teacher, accused of sex with an underage girl, is now back at work….

You hear that and your ears perk up. “Gosh, why is that perv back teaching???” most people would think.

A few minutes later we learn that the accused man made bail and was put on paid administrative leave as is usual for a teacher accused of misconduct with a child. The big “twist” was the Superintendent wanted the accused to do actual work so he was but on a supervised non-teaching administrative job. It was pointed out that the teacher would not have any contact with children.

What a let down. Due Process – the teacher wasn’t drawn and quartered before his case came before a judge – doesn’t make for good sweeps stories.

It felt like reading a story on The Huffington Post – shocking headline that misleads you to read lame content. I think in this case that story on the news broadcast was also link bait.

I went to the station website later and the story is no where to be found. There is no text or video on their website.

I wonder why?

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