Grace Helbig Makes The Internet A Better ‘Place’

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screencap of Grace Helbig on Attack of the ShowBelieve it or not I’m not hip. When it comes to pop culture I can be slow on the uptake so forgive me if this is not new to you, but Grace Helbig makes the Internet a better ‘place’ to visit.

Grace Helbig is an Internet personality who I like. She produces and stars in her own video blog (vlog) called “Daily Grace“. Each video, posted on various sites like YouTube, usually runs no more than five minutes and makes me jealous on how polished they look. Helbig is funny – goofy funny – who says things off the top of her head that cracks me up. She could be someone who I could hang out with if that didn’t sound so creepy just now. I mean she would be someone I would want to be friends with… maybe I should just move on.

I originally met her when she did some field reporting for “Attack of the Show!” on G4. It made me check out her channel on YouTube. I now subscribe to it and is one of the few vlogs I watch everyday.

If you have some time you might want to check it out. Below is an entry she did last week while in Los Angeles to co-host “Attack of the Show!“:

Daily Grace – Fashion

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