The Change-Up: Excellent comedy for a fratboy

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Poster for the movie The Change-UpI saw the previews for the movie “The Change-Up” and it drew my interest. From the director of “Wedding Crashers” and writers of “The Hangover” I thought how could I lose since I loved both those movies. While not a horrible film, it was not a “Wedding Crashers” or “The Hangover”. To me it seemed like an extra long letter to “Penthouse” magazine – the kind of fiction a guy would dream up before getting married and having a family.

I like crude humor. I’ve been known to indulge in it myself but the gross jokes for the sake of being gross is stupid. It was great when I was twelve – I mean it was fun trying to out gross my friends but if I’m paying $10 to see a film I expect a film for adults not 12 year olds. If you base your whole film on humor heard in 6th grade then you have some issues.

F-bombs to or in front of children seems wrong no matter why it’s being done and F-bombs just because you have an R-rated movie is stupid. Oh and I know there are filming tricks used so that they aren’t really cursing in front of the children but it wasn’t funny especially when the one older child didn’t seem to respond to the words like a normal child would and neither did the parents.

The male and female characters were flat stereotypes as if an immature frat-boy wrote them. The men were tough ‘take-no-crap’ men and the women were aggressive, pretty, and hardly reacted to the men being butt-heads. I was so disappointed that Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde would demean themselves in this farce.

My jaw dropped during the date scene between Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde when his character asked her why she showed up and she said she showed up to keep her job???!!! Really? In 2011? I’m sorry I just didn’t buy the premise. Wilde is not a bimbo and only a bimbo would still keep a date rather than going to HR to complain about her boss. This isn’t the 1980’s.

These kind of ‘B’ movies would usually have a couple of hot up-and-coming starlets in those roles. I expected better from Mann and Wilde. Although I will say Leslie Mann did have a couple of decent scenes particularly the one where she is telling her whole life story to the babysitter – that was funny.

The movie does try to redeem itself in the second half but by then I stopped caring and I’m sure the frat-boy audience did too.

What I liked about “Wedding Crashers” and “The Hangover” that is missing from this film is more heart. Sure I can just sit back and not focus on the issues but this film wasted my time and the CGI nudity took away the only real reason to waste my $10.

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