Sort Of A Reunion On “The Good Wife” Sunday Night

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I am a big fan of “The Good Wife” on CBS. I love the stories and the case-a-week is interesting. Last night (10/30) in Episode 6 titled ‘Affairs of State’ there was a reunion of sorts. Alan Cumming, who plays Eli Gold, had to work with his character’s ex-wife, played by Parker Posey, queen of the indie film circuit. It was a reunion because they worked together in the film “Josie and the Pussycats” in 2001. Here is an image I did from both shows.

image of Alan Cumming and Parker Posey

Alan and Parker also worked together in The Anniversary Party (2001).

In “The Good Wife”, Eli finds out something shocking about his ex when he has Kalinda investigate her for a possible political campaign. I was impressed with Posey’s take on the character and Cumming still amazes me how he can play Eli so convincingly. He must know someone like Eli in real life.

Also of note is that Cary Agos, played by Matt Czuchry, finally beat Alicia in court and he was rewarded with a move to a larger office at the State’s Attorneys Office.

I really like how they’re handling Cary’s story line and character. He’s not completely evil but slimy enough to win a case a two against the gang at Lockhart-Gardner.

The new girl, Caitlin, played by Anna Camp, is getting on my nerves. Reminds me of the slightly ditzy Nancy Crozier, played by Mamie Gummer, that Alicia tangled with a few times in past seasons. I never thought that Alicia was a Caitlin no matter what Will Gardner claimed in Episode 5, the previous week.

I noticed that this comment/review is for episode 6. Wow already at episode 6. Seems like yesterday the show started the season.

Hope it continues the great drama. But I can do without the constant delays due to football overruns like this week.

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