Chuck & Grimm – An Odd Friday Pairing

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image of David Giuntoli & Russell Hornsby in 'Grimm'
David Giuntoli & Russell Hornsby in “Grimm”

Two NBC shows that were the last to arrive for the fall season started Friday October 28. “Chuck” returned for what will be its fifth and final season. “Grimm” is a new show that is a modern take of the Brother’s Grimm fairy tales as police procedural. This is an odd pairing on one of the deadest nights of the TV schedule. I was glad to see Chuck come back and have a mixed response to Grimm.


David Giuntoli plays Nick Burckhardt, a homicide detective who learns that he’s a descendent of people who hunt down supernatural creatures who live hidden to mortals. His police partner is Hank Griffin [Russell Hornsby] who doesn’t know about Burckhardt’s new skill (yet). Silas Weir Mitchell plays Eddie Monroe, a reformed “Big Bad Wolf” who, in future episodes, will help Burckhardt on his quest to protect humanity and provide comic relief.

The pilot was decent. It was well paced and got right to the action. It didn’t spend a lot of time on exposition. My guess it that it’s going to be part of the mythology that will be revealed in bits and pieces in future episodes similar to “Lost”. Just hope, that unlike Lost, it’s accessible without frying the brain.

I’m glad that except for the fairy tale aspect the rest of the show is setup as a real and normal world. I’m not a huge fan of fantasy shows like “Grimm” so as long as the stories are good and any plot holes not to obvious I plan on making this show a regular addition to my Friday nights.

I’m not sure if the show can sustain itself as a series. There are many Grimm fairy tales but like “Lost” it could trip over its mythology and get lost – pun intended.


image from NBC's Chuck titleWe join the crew at the Buy More after they all get fired from the CIA and Morgan unwittingly gets the Intersect installed in him. The gang now are spies-for-hire. Chuck and Sarah are married.

The show coming back is like meeting up with old friends. Comfortable.

It might be fun, I hope, to see a bargain basement version of the crew. It was good to see Jeffester return and my guess that in the deal for the final season the show will do more low effect bottle shows that take place in the Buy More. It seems, too, that the past practice of rotating supporting characters in and out each episode will continue. In the premiere, Ellie and Jeff and Lester appear, while Captain Awesome and Big Mike didn’t.

Image of Sarah on 'Chuck' in underwear
Oh and Sarah’s back on ‘Chuck’

It looks like there’ll be a client-a-week while a large story arc takes place. I’m glad that Chuck and Sarah are married because the teen angst of previous seasons made me not want to watch the show.

There was some of that mushiness in the premiere but the level was much less. I’m also sure that the bad guy each week will threaten either Chuck or Sarah depending on how they find out they’re married. That might get old quickly.

Morgan is now playing the newbie spy role formerly played by Chuck in the first couple of seasons and they set up future conflict as Chuck now has nothing unique about him so maybe that’s where the angst will be this season.

I hope NBC shows all of the episodes but a Friday night slot is not a good place. It works for me since there isn’t much on Friday to watch.

Good Luck to them both.

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