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Clip art of a TV setA couple of weeks have passed since the bulk of the new and returning TV shows have started up so I wanted to revisit my expectations and give my two cents on the season so far. In general the returning shows have pretty much picked up where I left them in the spring. For the new shows, I wanted to watch a couple of episodes after the pilot to get a sense on where the show is going. It’s a mixed bag for the new shows but I may have picked up one or two I wasn’t expecting to like.

On ABC I liked “Suburgatory” but was kind of meh on “Pan-Am”. I guess stewardess-as-spies plot point is just not interesting enough. How many sick kids and bored housewives can we see. Probably I’m luke warm on the show because “Mad Men” spoiled me on 60’s period dramas.

“Suburgatory” has some funny lines. Not real sure it fits in between “The Middle” and “Modern Family” but I’ll watch it each week.

“Charlie’s Angels” is the only one left out of my picks on ABC. The bad luck is it’s on Thursday at 8 and I watch “Big Bang Theory” live and “Community” on DVR. I wasn’t overly excited to watch it in the first place but I’ll try to catch it when reruns start on the other channels if it is around by then.

“Unforgettable” and “Person of Interest” on CBS are just as I expected. The plots are decent. Jim Caviezel on POI has gotten some flack from critics but I think his acting is fine for the character. I like the twist on “Person of Interest” where you don’t know if the person they are helping is good or bad. Poppy Montgomery has been a blast on “Unforgettable”. The only change I would make is to lessen the time used for her flashbacks and make sure her hair color is color corrected in the promos.

On the comedy side for CBS hasn’t been as kind. “2 Broke Girls” went in the tank for me after the pilot. It just isn’t funny at all. “How to be a Gentleman” has pretty much been canceled already. This week it was announced it would move to Saturday and word is production was shut down. That makes room for the return of my favorite “Rules of Engagement” to the primetime schedule. It was originally suppose to be on Saturdays. “Gentleman” was okay just not spectacular. Dave Foley was okay and Kevin Dillon had his moments.

The new shows I wanted to see on NBC also took a hit. “Free Agents” and “The Playboy Club” were canceled. Free Agents was fine. There were some funny bits but “The Playboy Club” deserved to be canceled. “Pan-Am” on ABC is better of the 60’s period shows and that’s not saying much (see my comment above).

“Prime Suspect” is turning out to be pretty decent. They toned down the shrill sexism seen in the pilot so it’s at least watchable when it does come up and I like Maria Bello’s character. There are bits of the UK version in the show but it’s definitely a US show.

I also started to like “Whitney” the new NBC comedy on Thursday nights. The network flogged it to death all over my cable system so I tried it out and it’s funny. I might grow to like it on a regular basis. Chris D’Elia who plays Whitney’s boyfriend saves a lot of the scenes. I don’t know if Whitney Cummings had a choice since she created “2 Broke Girls” too, but if she did she picked the right one to star in.

“New Girl” on FOX meets my expectation so far but the handling of the cast change after the pilot was clunky. I hope that Zooey Deschanel’s adorablness doesn’t get old but for now it hasn’t.

“Tera Nova” is mixed with me. I love the concept and they did a good job filling in what could be some huge plot holes – like using a different “time stream” so they can’t affect the time they came from – but the stories so far just seem stale. Tonight’s episode (10/10) had a mysterious virus as the bad guy of the week. I might have enjoyed it if it didn’t feel like a rip off of an episode of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. They also haven’t been spending too much time on the big story the one where we discover what the signs on the rocks mean and what happened to Commander Taylor’s son.

My views on the returning shows have more to do with nit picks like hair cuts and choice of love interests.

On “Raising Hope” Sabrina’s (Shannon Woodward) hair cut is driving me crazy cause it looks bad. I was thinking maybe the actress is doing a movie or something and needs to wear a wig. The wig looks bad. I hope it’s a wig.

On “The Good Wife” Alicia and Will’s lovey dovey act bothers me more than I thought it would. I’m not saying she should get back with Peter but the scene’s with Will just seem creepy. The most recent episode (10/09) they introduced Cuddy from “House” who has a past with Will. I wouldn’t mind it so much but she looks kind of like Alicia so it makes that weird too.

The NCIS shows on Tuesday are kind of boring me right now. I have the feeling that if I didn’t watch them I wouldn’t miss them. Lilly Tomlin as McGee’s grandma on NCIS was a good episode but NCIS-LA was starting to tick me off with Hetty’s replacement Agent Hunter and Deeks and Kensi’s sexual tension is getting old. Hetty did come back at the end of last week’s episode on 10/04 so hopefully the show will get back on track.

There are still some shows both new and returning coming up through the middle of November so I might do another post next month when the shake out for the fall shows is over and we know who will make it and who won’t.

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