Look Cato, a Cloo…

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Cloo logo used on new channelThis past week the cable channel Sleuth changed its name to Cloo. It was done mainly so that NBCUniversial can trademark the name and get better SEO results on the web. It plans to maintain the crime/mystery programing it has had since it debuted in 2006. It might be something I might check out every once in awhile but the reliance on programing all ready seen on USA might cut into those plans.

The USA network runs NCIS and Law & Order Criminal Intent and SVU so much now I doubt I will turn on Cloo to see them again and again.

Tanya Roberts on Charlie's AngelsOn Saturday they did have a marathon I could get behind. They showed the original Charlie’s Angels series from the late 70’s. I caught it too late to see the first season shows with the classic cast of Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Farrah Fawcett. I saw the episodes from the fifth and final season when Tanya Roberts joined the cast. I really didn’t remember how much of an airhead her character was until the last episode when Kelly (Smith) had been shot and Bosley, Jill and Julie (Roberts) were gathered at the hospital basically narrating a clip show. At one point they are at the nurses station waiting for information and the nurse says their friend is in the I.C.U. Roberts then says:

I.C.U? What’s that?

I had to pick my jaw up after that shock wore off. There were more tidbits from Julie Rogers that made me wonder how I missed it all those years ago when I thought the show was great. Maybe that’s why the show was canceled.

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