I blame Taco Bell for helping find Kim Wilde’s new single

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I was having dinner at a nearby Taco Bell restaurant and the music in the store was the usual Top 40 nondescript stuff I expect to hear. One song caught my ear because I remember it from years ago. I can’t quite hear it but I latch on a piece of lyric “dream at night on this satellite”. I don’t have a smart phone with Shazam so I had to spend the evening trying to find the song. After several false starts I found it and it led to me to find the new single by 80’s singer Kim Wilde.

I missed the lyrics a little since the line goes “And the dream that died with the Eagle’s flight”, oh well. But the word “satellite” is in the song.

The song I heard is called “Sleeping Satellite” and was originally performed by Tasmin Archer in 1992 but in looking for the song on YouTube I found a cover done by one of my favorite 80’s singer Kim Wilde (claim to fame was the song “Kids in America” (1981)). Kim’s and Tasmin’s voices sound similar in pitch (to me) so I’m not sure which version I heard in the restaurant but I think Kim does a great job and she is looking fabulous.

So here’s the link to the clip of Kim singing the song. The album “Snapshots” is due later this month but not sure when it will be available in the US.

Kim Wilde – Sleeping Satellite (2011)

(All the actual videos of the song have embeding disabled – sorry. You’ll have to click the link to see it on YouTube. Trust me it is a good song.)

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