Milk Inc and Linda Mertens sets me on Fire

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Milk Inc and Linda Mertens sets me on Fire

I try to experience music from other countries. YouTube and other sources help by letting me work around the corporate media here in the states that limit the market to those groups it wants to promote. Milk Inc. is a Euro House band from Belgium that has a vocalist named Linda Mertens who sings in English. It was a pleasant find for me.

Some house bands will sample a vocal and use it in the music but Mertens is a full time vocalist. House music sometimes can get pretty monotonous which is the point if you’re dancing in a club but I like how they make radio friendly songs that keep the song from getting boring. I could listen to this group all day long or dance to them all night.

The blond haired guy in the video is the leader of the band Regi Penxten. He sticks to playing the synthesizer.

Milk Inc – Fire (2011)

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