Billy Joel opened my music eyes

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Freshman year in college my roommate brought his stereo. It dwarfed my JC Penney boom box I bought with my first paycheck when I was 16. Mike was a music major so of course he spent all his money on sound equipment. He was also a big fan of Billy Joel and he turned me on to him and it opened my eyes to real music.

At the time I knew Joel for his 70’s songs and The Nylon Curtain and An Innocent Man albums of the early 80’s but my roommate Mike had “Songs in the Attic” from 1981 and it had a live version of the early Joel tune “Captain Jack”. When I heard that song off that album I was officially a Billy Joel fan and collected all his albums.

So I picked this video of “Captain Jack” as tribute to real music, Billy Joel, and my roommate Mike who showed me the light.

Billy Joel – Captain Jack (1973)

*BTW* The song is an anti-drug song

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One thought on “Billy Joel opened my music eyes

  1. sbj1964

    Billy Joel was the man Doug ! I bet he wishes he still had Christy B ! But his music will last forever !

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