Palmdale – Here Comes The Summer (2010)

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One of the better bands from the 90’s (that I liked) was “Letters to Cleo”. I stumbled onto the website for lead singer Kay Hanley and found this video from her new band “Palmdale”.

I loved the cameo from Bill Nye the science guy and laughed out loud at the comment Hanley made on her blog about getting Nye in the video:

Bill Nye, my beloved nemesis and neighbor, who agreed to film the shot 10 minutes after I gave him no choice in the matter. Not for nothing, but the money shot would have been when I marched across the street as Bill was gardening, shouting “Nye! You’re gonna be in our video! Get your bow tie and lab coat. I’m grabbing one of the Emmy statues. Meet us on the porch in 10!” And he did. Love that guy…

The Palmdale Video

Palmdale – Here Comes The Summer (2010)

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