“Up the Creek” needs to be on DVD soon

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Back in 1984 a movie was released that had a mix of cast members from “Animal House” and “Porky’s” for yet another sex romp. This time it was based on a college river raft race. “Up the Creek” had a kick ass theme song from Cheap Trick and dozens of quotable lines. It also had Chuck the wonder dog. It needs to be on DVD soon.

The cast included Tim Matheson, Stephen Furst, Dan Monahan, Sandy Helberg and the gorgeous Jennifer Runyon as Heather Merriweather. The main villain was the guy who played young Clark Kent in Superman the Movie – Jeff East.

The plot was nothing and predictable but the comedy was edgy – kind of like “Family Guy” is today.

“It was a town like any other town. A town with nothing to hide. Until…they arrived.” – Bob McGraw

“I need a shave, bath, cup of coffee and a good woman. Something tells me we’ve come to the wrong place”. – Bob McGraw

Here is the theme song video by Cheap Trick:

Cheap Trick – Up The Creek video (1984)

Here is a five minute segment of the film:

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