TNT’s “Rizzoli & Isles” – not great but okay light entertainment

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Saw Rizzoli & Isles last week and it wasn’t bad. There was some stale dialog and some shaky plotting but overall it was decent entertainment.

Jane Rizzoli, played by Angie Harmon, is a tom boyish Boston homicide cop and Dr. Maura Isles, played by Sasha Alexander, is an Ivy league medical examiner with a great fashion sense.

While Harmon’s butch “Rizzoli” is a bit cliche, Alexander’s “Isles” is kind of a new take on the girly girl genius. The producers say that the main theme of the show will focus on the relationship between the women and their interactions on the job. The pilot last week was a bit light on this main theme. I found it hard to see how they were friends. Hopefully the additional episodes will expand on this or explain it better.

The rest of the cast is pretty good even if they too are a bit cliche – like Rizzoli’s smothering mother.

The crime in the pilot was pretty interesting but again the extra video on the website make it seem the crimes aren’t going to be the point so try not to focus on them too much.

It will be airing Monday nights at 10 PM EDT on the TNT network.

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