‘Room 222’ could teach ‘Glee’ and ‘90210’ a thing or two

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There was a good article on the old TV show “Room 222” in the LA Times today. I remember watching it in the later seasons and the theme song was catchy.

Despite its dated elements, “Room 222” was rooted in a relevance and topicality that those involved say is missing from “Glee,” “90210” and other contemporary school-based shows that put more emphasis on being crass than going to class. “It was a show that was certainly more forward thinking than most of the series we see today,” said Denise Nicholas, who starred in the series as counselor Liz McIntyre. “It was a daring show that was brave, with an integrated cast, and it dealt with important issues. Race was at the center of it, but there was no self-consciousness about it; it wasn’t preachy.”

‘Room 222’ could teach ‘Glee’ and ‘90210’ a thing or two

Room 222 Theme and opening

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