Olivia Munn and feminists doth protest too much

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Recently G4TV host Olivia Munn got a try out on The Daily Show. Some feminists complained because they assumed she got the job because of her looks rather than talent. Munn responded that she worked hard to get the chance and threw some F-bombs in indignation. Funny thing is both sides are correct.

“I never tried to use anything besides my own sweat and blood and talent to get somewhere. I think that anyone who’s out there trying to bring down why any woman would get anywhere, or why we’re different, just needs to f***ing turn her f***ing computer off, take the sandwich out of her mouth and go for a god**mn walk f***ing walk. You know what? Just walk it off, b***h. Just walk it off, b***h.”

EXCLUSIVE! Olivia Munn Drops Serious F-Bombs, Insisting She Didn’t Get ‘Daily Show’ Job Because She’s A Woman!

Munn is a nerd pinup girl and has been for several years. As host of “Attack of the Show” she has played off that sexiness as host and for skits on the show. During the AOTS 2009 Comic-Con shows she appeared in various suggestive costumes based on sexy comic and video game female characters. There is no doubt that she got her chance on television based in part on her looks. She should just accept it.

Having said that Olivia Munn is funny and works very hard. I’m a fan of her show and she does a good job. I think she has a good handle of the timing need to make the funny. Sometimes I laugh when she just makes a face at her co-host or deadpans a response to something he says.

Here is a clip from “Attack of the Show”:

Wonder Woman’s Guide to Office Safety

She deserves her shot on The Daily Show but does she really think they would have given her the shot if she looked like singer Susan Boyle? Seriously?

To any feminist who are upset that Olivia is too pretty to have comedy talent, you do have a point that The Daily Show needs more women but to make the suggestion that Munn is less talented because she is too sexy then you all need to get over yourselves. Hot chicks can be funny and not in a dumb bimbo way like they are on Fox News.

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2 thoughts on “Olivia Munn and feminists doth protest too much

  1. TFJ

    You're off the mark. And your quote reveals the crux of why males find her funny: She's a self-identified "non-feminist" that gains acceptability among male geeks by acting like "one of the guys", including remarks that put down other women. It has less to do with her attractiveness, but more how she uses her attractiveness.

  2. cadfile Post author

    Putting down women isn't funny unless someone is like 12 years old. I know a few women who not only mesh well with guys but who are strong feminist.

    My point is that Munn wouldn't be where she is in television if she was not good looking. She seems to forget that or ignores it or is in her own bubble world.

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