“Hot in Cleveland” where old is new again

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I had a chance to catch the pilot of the new TV Land sitcom “Hot in Cleveland”. It stars Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, Valerie Bertinelli, and Betty White. The theme of the show and the production is that old is new again. I liked the first show and hope the series does well.

Leeves, Malick, and Bertinelli play three Hollywood friends who make an unscheduled stop in Cleveland Ohio and decide to stay because it is the opposite of the youth obsessed west coast. They find out they fit in and the people they meet are not shallow. White plays the caretaker of the house Bertinelli’s character leases.

I saw some bits of the old sitcom “Golden Girls” so hopefully we don’t get just a younger version of that show. The stars are all veterans of the classic sitcom style this new show uses.

On one of the extra video clips on the show website the producers make a point of the fact that show is shot in front of a live audience which is a good thing but then one of them claims they don’t use any canned laughter.

Sitcoms that tape in front of an audience do sometimes sweeten laughs if a joke didn’t work or didn’t get the laugh they thought it should. In the first scene of the show some of the laughter just didn’t sound right to me. There was laughing at one character nodding their head. I’m sure 99% was real but like I said there were parts when the laughing just didn’t seem natural to the scene.

Other than that quibble “Hot in Cleveland” is a decent show so far and it is nice they show Cleveland with some positive light.

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