Why all the religion and fantasy on the History channel?

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I usually like watching the History channel on cable. They have shows about the history of warfare, technology, science, and social events. But then they have shows about UFO’s, The Bible, and searching for modern day Monsters.

This past week was the Seven Deadly Sins week with a show in primetime devoted to talking about the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride for those who may not know what they are) and the week of January 5th they will have “Armageddon” week with one show “Nostradamus: 2012” about some kind of fatal prediction to come up in 2012.


I wouldn’t mind a show about the history of the concept of “Armageddon” or about the history of hunting for UFOs but these shows present these ideas as current valid ideas just like a show about the reasons behind World War I.

The study of history is actually a science and it should conform to the scientific method. If the “Naked Archaeologist” (seen on History International) wants us to accept that markings on a stone prove all the stories in the Bible then it needs to offer more than one guy agreeing with it.

Sure sometimes History can be dry but it is based on as much facts as can be found. Leave the fantasy stuff to other channels.

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2 thoughts on “Why all the religion and fantasy on the History channel?

  1. jed

    I’ve wondered the same thing. I guess the real content has moved to the Military Channel and History International. You can get some idea of who a channel’s main following are by the commercials they carry. We may be just outliers in their demographic.

  2. sbj1964

    History Channel is becoming more like the sellouts at TLC,and the Discovery channel. Bikers,Loggers,Swamp people,Pawn store workers,Crab fishing,Locked UP, Biker Gangs,Garbage Pickers,and other such shows they should all just combine into one channel ,and call it the POOR LIFE CHOICES NETWORK !

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