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Image of a character waving good byeIt is with regret I am announcing that this blog will be shutting down at the end of 2017.

I had hope to have the drive and energy to do an entertainment and pop culture blog but writing a whole blog on a regular basis is hard, especially when one has three other blogs needing attention.

I’ve also changed my views on entertainment and pop culture and found it is just a life suck compared to what is going on in this country and the world today. My time will be better spent on my political and social justice blogging and social media sharing of those topics I am very interested in.

The posts I have written here at were fun to write but I needed to write more than one post a year to make it worthwhile to visit.

Feel free to visit my other blogs if the topics interest you.

Doug’s Views – politics, current events, atheism, and social justice.

Secular Left – supporting separation of church and state

iHumanism – an Internet Humanist community

The blog isn’t going to disappear right at midnight January 1st 2018 but going forward from today it won’t be updated. At some future point, I will remove the database and posts.

I plan keeping the domain unless someone offers to buy it. I still haven’t decided what I will do with the tumblr and twitter accounts yet.

The Sexist Response To The Ghostbusters Reboot Makes Me Sad To Be A Man

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image with words Nerd Rage is comingThe Ghostbusters reboot opens in theaters this weekend. If you listen to the haters it will be the worst movie of all time, even worse than Heaven’s Gate released in 1980. Deep in the negative reaction is a sad case of entitlement with an ample dose of sexism.
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Trainwreck Is Good Description Of The Life Exposed In Amy Schumer’s New Movie

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poster for Trainwreck (2015)The movie ‘Trainwreck‘ written by and staring comedian Amy Schumer had a good mixture of raunch and pathos one expects when viewing Schumer’s comedic exploits. Under the apt direction of Judd Apatow we get a more adult version of his film ‘Superbad‘ that flirts with a dark side not seen much in comedy films. While a bit uneven at times I think the film pulls off a nice balance of bathroom humor and heart.
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‘Spectre’ Dives Into The Legend But Falls Short On Plot And Action

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poster for the film SpectreThe new James Bond film, ‘Spectre’, wasn’t as good as 2012’s Skyfall, but it was not bad. It was more a sequel to the last film rather than a stand alone movie with a new story. It touches on some of the classic Bond tropes found in all the films and even brings back a long lost classic villain but drops the ball on some of the plot, the romance, and the gadgets. It might not be the best film of 2015 but it does continue the renaissance of the Bond films with Daniel Craig.
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